Zainab Shammas

I’m an office manager at a customs clearance and shipping company. I like getting to know many kinds of sites and people, both in Palestine and internationally. I’m also a steering committee member of Amideast, Hebron [an international culture and language non-profit]. And, I was a leader of a hiking group which made tours around the West Bank. We shed light on forgotten religious places and unknown natural places. In the countryside of Hebron, there is an underground Roman palace that people don’t know of! People outside of Hebron think women here are just housewives. The truth is, there are many examples of women who are very successful and who do much for their businesses and for society. Some people think that woman can only be teachers, but I break the rules. I work with only men. But more women are starting to work and to continue their studies. Even women who are married are restarting school. I hope my daughter can do what she wants without these old rules. She has her own choices to make. I hope she can travel and make her dreams true.

- Zainab Shammas