Zaina and Qamar

My name is Zaina [on the right]. I’m seven years old. I’m in the first grade at Kortoba school. I fasted for the first time this Ramadan, for one day. I felt hungry, so I stopped. I like cats, and I like birds because they can fly everywhere without any borders. Today, I bought new clothes and sandals for Eid [the celebration which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan]: a pink tee-shirt, white pants and new sandals. I have a friend named Hannan, whom I play with everyday. Tomorrow, we will go to the park to climb around. I want people to know I am clever.

I am Qamar [on the left]. My name means moon. I am six and I have two sisters. We live in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood of Hebron. We were living in Jordan, but I like it better here. Here, I can spend beautiful time with my grandmother. I like sheep. I finished kindergarten, so next year I’m so excited to go to primary school. My favorite thing to learn about is numbers. I can count to ten in English. One, two, three...

– Zaina and Qamar