Why Hebron?

Why do you focus on Hebron when there are many other hard-hit places in Palestine?


We believe that Hebron is one of the strongest cases against the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Hebron is a microcosm of the human rights abuses that take place all over the West Bank. By building focused campaigns and projects in a particular locality, we hope to define achievable goals that will set a legal and political precedent for change in other areas of the occupied Palestinian territories as well. In Hebron, we are able to build a broad coalition of organizations and individuals who adhere to a range of political ideologies in order to work together for equality in the city. Hebron has great significance for the Israeli settlement movement and any changes on the ground in Hebron will have broad ramifications throughout the territories. In doubt about where to stand on Israel-Palestine? Visit Hebron and see the situation with your own eyes.