Our Mission

About Friends of Hebron (FOH)

We work in the United States and in Palestine and many other countries to support the community in Hebron who faces an onslaught of attacks by the state of Israel and by Israeli settlers. Both in the US and in Israel there are extreme right-wing political forces that are gaining more and more power. This has resulted in the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem and in an even more expedited growth of settlements on Palestinian land. In Hebron, recent years have seen the growth and reinforcing of checkpoints, the closing of more parts of the old city to Palestinians, the establishment of Hebron settlers' own municipality and the authorization to build 31 new settlement units on Shuhada Street. 

Friends OF Hebron focuses specifically on the Palestinian community in Hebron and supports the nonviolent resistance taking place on the ground there. It provides hope and support for the community living under some of the most difficult parts of the occupation. 

Mission Statement: Friends of Hebron supports the resilience and nonviolent struggle of the Palestinian community.

Our Goals: We advocates for justice, freedom, equality, and self-determination for Palestinians in accordance with international law. We seek to end Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem and systems of inequality and apartheid where separate laws are applied to separate groups of people.

What We Do:

  • Support the resiliency of the Palestinian community in Hebron,  especially in the H2 area under Israeli military control, to remain to remain in their homes despite the hardships and violence they face from the occupation.
  • Empower, educate, and train Palestinian youth to use nonviolence as a means of resistance and to use cameras to document human rights violations.
  • Raise awareness in the international community about the situation in Hebron and encourage them to take action to advocate for freedom, justice, and equality for Palestinians.
  • Support the Palestinian community in Hebron to use of creative nonviolent direct action as a peaceful way to pressure the Israeli government to end its policies of apartheid and occupation.
  • In the US: We provide education about the historical and political situation on the ground in Hebron. We educate the general public and leaders about how nonviolence is an effective means to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and achieve a just and peaceful solution based on principles of international law. We focus on Hebron as a microcosm of the occupation and an extreme situation where families suffer daily from human rights violations.
  • In Hebron: we support families in Hebron living under the most difficult of circumstances. We strengthen the infrastructure of civil society in Hebron, lift up the work of nonviolent activists in Hebron, and provide education to visitors as to the history and political