Issa Amro List of Articles

The following is a list of articles surrounding the trial of Issa Amro.


Drop politically motivated charges against Palestinian Human Rights Activist Issa Amro. Amnesty International. Jan 5, 2021.


Israel Convicts Prominent Palestinian Activist of Unauthorized Protest, Assault. Haaretz. Jan 6, 2021.


For this Hebron activist, every protest could end in a trial. +972 Magazine. Feb 11, 2021.


Israel must ensure protection for Issa Amro and other human rights defenders, say UN experts. UN OHCHR. 10 April, 2019.


Congress of the United States. “Dear colleague letter” led by Mark Pocan. Washington, DC 20515. June 28, 2017.


Who’s Afraid of Nonviolence. Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman. The New York Times. August 9, 2017.


Diana Buttu, 'Issa Amro is merely the latest casualty of Palestine’s war on free speech,' The Guardian, 20 September 2017 (PA arrest)


"A guided tour of Hebron, from two sides of the occupation". Masha Gessen. The New Yorker. 2019-01-24.


Tibon, Amir (2017-09-28). "Bernie Sanders Meets With Prominent Palestinian Activist Targeted by Israel and Abbas". Haaretz. Retrieved 2017-10-02


Amira Hass. “Convicted In An Israeli Military Court, This Palestinian Activist Is Also Being Persecuted by the PA.” Haaretz. Jan 28, 2021.


Israel Indicts Palestinian Gandhi The Electronic Intifada. 6 September 2016.


A Famous Palestinian Activist Could Be Sent to Israeli Prison for His Years of Nonviolent ProtestVice. September 25, 2016.


Palestinian Activist Claims Political Persecution After Indictment Over Offenses Dating From 2013 Haaretz. September 5, 2016.


Palestine: Authorities must drop charges against human rights defender Issa Amro for peaceful criticism, 27 March 2019, Amnesty International (PA arrest)


Issa Amro and the EU’s Palestinian Authority Problem. European Council for Foreign Relations. (PA arrest)


Bernie Sanders Meets With Prominent Palestinian Activist Targeted by Israel and Abbas, Amir Tibon (Washington) Sep 28, 2017, Haaretz


Top Senators, Including Bernie Sanders, Urge Tillerson to Monitor Case of Palestinian Activist Indicted by IDF. Haaretz. 2017.


Amnesty International 2017 “Write for Rights” campaign report.


––select articles before the 2016 indictment––


Palestine field post: 'I am not your normal human rights campaigner' The Guardian. 10 March 2015.


UN Experts Urge Israel to Stop Harassment of Human Rights Defender Issa Amro UN News Centre. 13 August 2013.


In Hebron, A City Hit Hard By Violence, A Palestinian Preaches Nonviolence National Public Radio. January 10, 2016