Hebron house

Our center, located inside H2, in the middle of Tel Rumeida neighborhood in Hebron is the heart of our activities and it’s a reference point for all the Palestinians of the area. The center is an old Palestinian house that used to be an Israeli military base, once the soldiers left the settlers tried to take it, occupying it several times. Despite that, the Youth Against Settlements group decided to fight and resist for the house and after several direct actions and legal fight finally the Israeli court (one of the only cases) recognized that this was a legitimate palestinian house, preventing any settler’s intention of occupying it.

After the fight for remaining the house in Palestinian hands, we started building the Hebron house, also known as the Somod Center or YAS center. Nowadays and after several years, the center became a collective and reference place for the Palestinian resistance in Hebron that hosts several kind of activities and trainings: Kids Activities, English Courses, Legal Training, Social Media Training, Video Editing Training, Film screening, Social Nights and activities, and Photography training among others.

The house also serves as a meeting point for international delegations.