Hajar Abu Rmeileh

I am the manager of the design, decoration, and gifts department in this office. The best part is all of the creativity here and sharing in people’s happy movements when we make things for weddings and parties. This place is teaching me to be more creative. In the future, I’d like to design wooden games for children to encourage their creativity and to take them away from the digital world. I have two little children. I'm here from 8am to 4pm, so they’re in daycare. I like to hug them too much and too tight and to do activities like swimming and karate with them to compensate for not being there the whole day. I don’t think it’s right to feel this way, but I’m their mother. Even if all working women feel this pressure, it’s particularly difficult for Arab women because some see our main job as being at home and criticize others who work. Sometimes when I’m done with work and want to do things with my children I have other societal responsibilities, so I can’t decide our own time as I like.

- Hajar Abu Rmeileh