Fatima Azza

I was born in Hebron. There were ten of us. We did everything. We would bike and climb and travel around the West Bank and to the beach in Israel, back when it was open to us. At this time of year, I would put all the things for Eid beside my head when I slept, so I could look at them and dream of wearing my new clothes in the morning. We were always so close during Ramadan. My father was very patient and would always make sure we worked out our problems directly. My husband is from the same neighborhood. We met when I was 17 and we were in love for five years. When he went to my father, he told me if you love him, it doesn’t matter even if everyone else says no. We married in 1990. We had a daughter Jannat, which means paradises. I gave her all my time and love. After that, our family became bigger and bigger.

- Fatima Azza with her husband