Eyes on Hebron

Palestinian families are under attack in Hebron! We are fundraising to install fire alarms and security cameras to protect families from Israeli soldier and settler violence. Our goal is to protect 25 high risk families before the end of the next month. Protect a family now!

All donations go toward buying and installing security systems in select high risk families' homes.*

Security cameras are a valuable source of protection that empower families to retake control of their own homes. Fire alarms protect the families from arson and prevent a repeat of the Duma tragedy where Israeli settler extremists burned a baby and his parents to death.

Never again – Protect a family now!

In Hebron, families live directly next to extremist Israeli settlers protected by Israeli soldiers. Since October 7th, Hebron families have been placed under a strict curfew with no visitors allowed. Parents cannot work, and children cannot attend school or play outside. Soldiers and armed settlers threaten to shoot the children if they try to step out. Life is unbearable. Help protect a Palestinian family now!



*recurring donations may also contribute toward our other projects.

Eyes On Hebron builds on Youth Against Settlements' Human Rights Press and B'Tselem's "Shooting Back" camera distribution projects, which were coordinated in Hebron by Issa Amro. These projects empowered families to use video cameras to document the human rights abuses that they experience every day. Eyes On Hebron turns to security cameras for a more well-rounded documentation of human rights violations in and near the homes of Palestinian families. Security footage is useful in court and also acts as a deterrence.

Installation of security systems will be coordinated closely with the families by our local volunteers. All donations on this page will go toward purchasing these systems, save for recurring donations which may also be used for our other projects.