Update: Friends of Hebron at Amnesty USA AGM

Friends of Hebron speaks at Amnesty USA AGM

Saturday March 4th

Friends of Hebron’s advocacy team was represented at the Amnesty International USA Annual General meeting in San Diego, California. They were hosted both in person and virtually by the acclaimed human rights organization at the session: Witness to Apartheid in Palestine and Israel: Observations from the Field.

The room was packed as staffers and members attended the session, including Amnesty USA’s executive director.

Friends of Hebron Executive Director, Human Rights Defender Issa Amro, spoke of the significance of Amnesty’s 2022 report accusing Israel of the crime of apartheid. He spoke of the nature of apartheid in the city of Hebron and the danger of the “Hebronization” of other places within Israel’s 1948 territory as well as the West Bank.

The AGM lasted from March 3rd to 5th.