Amal al-Jopehi

When I was young, I would close my eyes and imagine going to the library and seeing books with my name. Now, I’ve written many books and I want to write more. The first book was “How to Read in Two Weeks,” the second “Creative Thinking,” the third about math, and the forth, about improving mental abilities, is in publication. I’ve been a teacher for 17 years. Before, I taught my sisters, brothers, and sons. If you teach Arabic in a suitable way it’s very easy. The school books are difficult. So, I use my own method. I teach students a few letters and make words from these. If you teach the students all the letters at once they will forget them, but if you teach them how to read they will not forget. So, I add just a few letters every lesson and continue. Many students’ families think they can’t learn and are surprised and happy. The students catch my clothes and say, “I can read Miss, let me read.”

- Amal al-Jopehi