What are activists doing on the ground?


Israeli, Palestinian and international organizations are actively involved in improving the situation of Palestinian human rights in the city. These organizations are increasingly working in coordination with one another.

  • Youth Against Settlements engages in nonviolent community organizing focused on building resilience among young Palestinians and residents of the hard-hit areas of the cities and teaching the philosophy of nonviolence.
  • B’Tselem documents human rights abuses in the city, primarily through its Camera Distribution Project, in which Palestinian families in H2 use video cameras to record attacks on them and their property. The project is cultivating a network of families who have more resources to protect their rights, as well as materials that can be used to prosecute rights violations in the legal system.
  • The Hebron Rehabilitation Committee engages in legal work, the preservation and restoration of infrastructure, and community development.
  • Breaking the Silence conducts educational tours of Hebron, raising awareness in Israeli society and internationally about human rights violations in the city.
  • Children of Abraham engages in joint Israeli-Palestinian agricultural work and protests, and coordinates solidarity visits to support the Palestinian families of H2.
  • The Tel Rumeida Popular Committee is developing a community and media center in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood of H2. It has begun to broadcast HEB2 TV as an opportunity for Palestinian residents to document and express the realities of their daily lives.
  • Yesh Din and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel engage in legal work in Hebron, including bringing cases to the Israeli Supreme Court to challenge military and political policies and prosecute Israeli violators of Palestinian civil and human rights.
  • The Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel offers persistent international presence as a deterrence to human rights violations in Hebron.